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Generally used on footpaths, streets and entries, a Bin Housing fits a wheelie bin as a liner for easy emptying and large capacity

Keep Your Wheelie Bins Beautiful

Outdoor and commercial rubbish bins are a necessity to keeping our streets clean, but we know that they are not always as glamourous or attractive as they can be. Proudly known as ‘The Bin People,’ botton + gardiner has designed an innovative and stylish collection of outdoor wheelie bin enclosures to not only ensure litter is managed well but to hide unsightly plastic wheelie bins and maintain your streetscape style.

Generally used on footpaths, streets, parks and shopping centre entries, a bin housing or wheelie bin enclosure fits a wheelie bin as a liner for easy emptying via standard council rubbish collection. The large capacity is ideal for remoter areas with high waste volume or reduced emptying frequency. We have a broad selection of functional rubbish bin designs, durable outdoor finishes and natural colours, just select the options which suit your landscape.

Tired of rubbish solutions? Let us custom design your commercial litter and wheelie bins

We understand that every park, street and outdoor landscape is different, so why not make your outdoor rubbish bin special and relevant to that place? From a timeless wheelie bin design to something funky for a new park or street corner, we are the team you can trust when it comes to commercial rubbish bins that are far from boring. Our experience, inhouse design team, local manufacturing skills and collaborative approach gives us the ability to work closely with our clients to bring their ideas and vision to life. We will help achieve a great aesthetic, while keeping the bin enclosure practical and usable.  Let’s protect the natural beauty of Australia and keep our urban landscape beautiful and litter-free for everyone to enjoy.

Co-ordinating street furniture

In addition to wheelie bin enclosures we have a broad range of commercial rubbish bin designs to keep your area clean, from litter bins, bin + tray returns and cigarette bins, to a diverse range of street furniture collections, park tables, park benches, urban planters, drinking fountains, park seats, bollards or even bike racks to complete your outdoor, park, school or street project. Request a quote online or book in a meeting to chat to our team today about your ideas.