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Deluxe Outdoor Drinking Fountains Designed for the Australian Landscape

At botton + gardiner we know how much Australians love the outdoors and being able to cool off at a bubbler with a refreshing drink of water, and we understand what works in our harsh climate. Our outdoor drinking fountains, bubblers and water bottle fillers have been carefully designed to withstand the elements for a long lifespan, low maintenance and an enjoyable, hygienic drinking experience for both humans and our furry pets. Check out our popular Prospect Drinking Fountain for a pet friendly design ideal for off leash dog parks.

Enjoy the Australian outdoors in style

We should all be able to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape Australia has to offer, so we are passionate about creating outdoor drinking fountains and street furniture which encourages diversity and accessibility. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the outdoors, so we ensure that all of our designs are functional as well as stylish.

For more information on how our bubblers and drinking fountains meet accessibility guidelines call us on 1300 762 701 or book in a meeting to chat to our specialist team today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Co-ordinating commercial and street furniture

After 25+ years of supplying outdoor street furniture, this experience and knowledge can mean the difference. As an industry leader, councils and landscape architects trust us to make the right choice for their urban furniture and picnic settings. In addition to outdoor bubblers and drinking fountains, we have a broad range of coordinating street furniture collections, park tables, park benches, urban planters, park seats, bollards or even bike racks to complete your outdoor, park, school or street project. Request a quote online or book in a meeting to chat to our team today about your ideas.