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Human diversity is central to our design philosophy. We endeavour to craft inclusive environments where everyone feels welcome and can comfortably engage. A crucial aspect of inclusivity is accessibility, ensuring that public spaces accommodate all individuals.​​​

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This commitment is evident in several of our table and seating collections, which provide a range of wheelchair-accessible settings that meet the Australian Standard 1428.2: Design for Access and Mobility.

While adherence to this code is not compulsory for public space furniture, it is a crucial consideration in our design process, ensuring that AS1428.2 requirements are seamlessly integrated into our collections. From rounded edges for enhanced user comfort, to wheelchair-accessible sides, and appropriate table heights that accommodate inclusive gatherings. Our collections are also designed to be customisable, offering a variety of table heights to suit different users. This flexibility helps to ensure that the overall site can achieve DDA compliance by a third party.

By combining these product design features with important, broader spatial considerations, we aim to foster accessible and inviting places where everyone can come together, connect, and actively participate in community life.

Explore our featured products below which are all specifically designed to meet AS1428.2 requirements for wheelchair access.

Featured products

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