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The CONNECT modular seating collection is versatile, durable, and sustainable, making it suitable for a wide range of indoor or outdoor spaces. With twenty-three seating modules, consisting of geometric shapes, and interlocking elements, any public space can be transformed into a social hub. Choose from circular, oblong, or square seating designs with integrated urban planters and tiered heights to create simple to complex configurations. Designed in-house and made locally, CONNECT is available in three certified hardwood options, twenty-six low-VOC powder-coat colours and ten perforated designs that can be customised to suit your project.

Design Features

  • Versatility to mix and match seating modules in a range of geometric shapes, interlocking elements, and integrated planters to suit many indoor or outdoor spaces
  • Bullnose edging complements the curved seating design
  • Designed for durability and sustainability in the public space, featuring certified, class 1 hardwood and UV-resistant, low-VOC powder-coated galvanised or stainless steel
  • Three timber options, twenty-six powder-coat colours and ten perforation patterns are available to suit a wide range of projects
  • Flexibility with local manufacturing to customise to your requirements
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