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Landscape architect, John Chipman Senior, loved the great outdoors and was passionate about design. Fifty years ago he brought these passions together and founded Landscape Forms, a company with a purpose to create beautifully designed street furniture for outdoor spaces. It was a company founded on design and people, and that legacy continues today.

As the Australian distributor for Landscape Forms, Botton + Gardiner uses a combination of imported, signature componentry and local manufacturing and materials to bring key pieces to market. Iconic designs include FGP, MultipliCITY, and Parallel 42. This collaborative approach to distribution allows flexible customisation of pieces to suit local landscapes and creativity alongside acknowledgement of original design and brand.

Design Ethos

  • COLLABORATION – LF work with world renown designers, driven to innovate and focused on providing targeted landscape solutions
  • CULTURE – participation, responsibility and integrity is laser-focused on providing outstanding products and service
  • CRAFT – merging of art and technology at the highest level produces the signature style of Landscape Forms products
Check out this great video on Landscape Form's design ethos DOWNLOAD