Cylindrical single and double litter bins for indoors or out undercover. 360° panel design in laminate, stainless steel or 27 powder-coat finishes.

Botton + Gardiner

Product Specifications


The contemporary, cylindrical design of the Manly litter bin creates a minimalist aesthetic that complements the curves of modern public spaces, indoors or outdoors undercover. Available in single and double capacities in laminate, stainless steel or 27 powder-coat finishes, Manly is a versatile, eye-catching addition to public spaces that need to stand the test of time.

Made In Australia

500mm DIA x 790mmH

Double | Triple
1005mmW x 500mmD x 790mmH
Convex chute 200mm DIA
Concave chute 100mm DIA


1 x 90L polyethylene liner

2 x 90L polyethylene liners


Single Bin
Aluminium with laminate or powder-coat finish

Double Bin
Galvanised steel with laminate or stainless steel, satin polished finish

Powder Coat

White (satin), Black (satin), Charcoal (satin), Palladium Silver (satin), Matt Black (matt), Pearl White (gloss)

Coffee (satin), Cove (satin), Monument (matt), Medium Bronze Kinetic (flat)

Core Ten (textured metallic), Asteroid (textured metallic), Bass (textured metallic), Textura Black (textured), Textura Monument (textured), Textura White (textured)

Deep Ocean (satin), Wedgewood (satin), Mangrove (satin), Territory Red (matt), Claypot (satin), Paperbark (satin)

Bondi Blue (gloss), Leaf (satin), Sensation (gloss), Lobster (satin), Moonlight (satin)


Vinyl decals or engraved enamel filled lettering applied to the double units lids. Both standard and custom designs available.

Bright vinyl signage on the double bins is easily recognisable by customers and saves labour in sorting waste.

Vinyl decals can be removed and replaced in future for changes to waste streams.


Stainless steel, satin polished

Single Bin
Indoor: laminate or powder-coated steel
Outdoor undercover: powder-coated steel

Double Bin
Indoor: laminate
Outdoor undercover: stainless steel

Laminate - choose from our preselected Laminex® colours or custom specify your own

Plinth + Bump Rail
Stainless steel, satin polished


Certified Materials
We use laminates that carry internationally recognised Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

Recycled Materials
We locally source our steel and aluminium. It means we know it uses recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

Low Pollutants
Our powder-coating process doesn’t emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and has Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).


5-year warranty. View the warranty for more details.

Lead Time

4-6 weeks

Assembly & Delivery

Shipped fully assembled on pallets.

Fixing Detail

Freestanding or surface fixed by others. Anchors not included.

How to Specify

Select your capacity - single or double
Select your body finish - laminate or powder-coated
Select your lid chutes (for the double) - up/down or down/down
Select your signage - vinyl or engraved enamel
Select your fixing type - freestanding or surface fixed

Care Instructions

Laminates | Laminex®
A damp cloth will remove spills and greasy spots. Rub with a clean dry cloth to bring back brightness. Occasionally clean with mild dishwashing detergent. To remove heavy build-up of dirt use cleaners such as Mr Muscle, Windex or Ajax Spray n Wipe spray cleaners.

Do not use strongly acidic, alkaline cleaners or bleach for normal cleaning as these might etch the surface

Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge or soft bristled brush.

Use a soft (non-abrasive) cloth or brush and a diluted solution of mild detergent and warm water.

Ensure surfaces are thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water after cleaning to remove all residues.

Never use thinners, abrasive cleaning agents, alcohol-based, acid or alkali cleaning agents.

Stainless Steel
Wash the surface regularly using warm water containing soap or mild detergents and rinse the surface with fresh water after cleaning.

When polishing the surface with a soft dry cloth to ensure all moisture is removed, follow the direction of the grain finish.

Use a brush or soft damp cloth to remove loose deposits. Use a cream cleanser and soft cloth for difficult deposits.

Use “Star Brite Rust Stain Remover” to remove tea staining and “Star Brite Chrome & Stainless Steel Polish” to protect the surface after cleaning.

Never use cleaners containing harsh abrasives or high bleach contents. Prolonged contact with chlorine-based cleaners will cause surface pitting, which cannot be repaired.

Never use abrasive materials such as scouring pads, steel wool or metallic scrapers.

For stubborn stains or where "deep cleaning" is required, a mild abrasive cleaner or rust remover may be required.

Additional Comments

Lid Combinations
2 x Concave (down) chutes
1 x Concave (down) and 1 x Convex (up) chute
The convex chute acts as a waste limiter on recycling compartments or assists with rain runoff

Additional Info
Manage recycling by splitting your waste streams. We recommend having one convex 100mm recycling chute as a limiter to signal recycling cue at point of disposal.

Double size has a folding hinged lid for easy removal of the liners.

Durable spun stainless steel lid for hard use environments with softened edges for safety.