Modular monolithic seating. Organic-shaped linear and curved modules made of precast concrete with stone aggregate to suit many environments.

Pio & Tito Toso

Product Specifications


Tree Line, designed by Pio & Tito Toso, is a stunning mix of organic curves, natural materiality with elegant modularity. This contemporary collection includes linear benches and seats in 2 sizes, a curved element and Y-shaped element to allow for a huge array of compositions. The solid precast concrete features white or grey granite and white or black marble stone aggregate for a touch of elegance. Tree Line is designed to be paired with the Lorenz collection for even greater flexibility.

Made In Europe

Short bench
1000mmW x 750mmD x 460mmH

Long bench
2200mmW x 750mmD x 460mmH

Short seat
1000mmW x 750mmD x 795mmH
Seat height: 460mm

Long seat
2200mmW x 750mmD x 795mmH
Seat height: 460mm

120° curved bench
2070mmW x 1200mmD x 460mmH

Y join module
1915mmW x 1625mmD x 460mmH


1000mmL Treeline bench: 707kg
2200mmL Treeline bench: 1560kg

1000mmL Treeline seat: 815kg

2200mmL Treeline seat, single left backrest - 1670kg
2200mmL Treeline seat, single right backrest: 1670kg

2200mmL Treeline seat, double aligned backrests: 1780kg
2200mmL Treeline seat, double opposite backrests: 1780kg
2200mmL Treeline seat, double opposite backrests: 1780kg

Curved 120° C shape bench: 1480kg
Joining Y shaped bench: 1780kg


Precast concrete with stone aggregate
4 options: White Granite, Grey Granite, White Marble, Black Marble

Body Finish

Clear anti-graffiti coating (to the concrete body)


5-year warranty. View the warranty for more details.

Lead Time

12+ weeks.

Assembly & Delivery

Product supplied packed on pallets.

Lifting equipment required for receipt and placement of concrete product (by others).

Supplied with ferrules, eyebolts and caps.

Fixing Detail


How to Specify

Design your layout with your select modules
Check the module directions match up
Send your layout marked up with codes to Botton + Gardiner to review and quote

Care Instructions

Precast Concrete
Remove any loose surface deposits with a brush.

Regularly wash the coating using a solution of warm water and non-abrasive, pH neutral detergent solution (with low wax content).

Thoroughly rinse the surfaces after cleaning to remove all residues. You can use a sponge, a soft bristle brush or pressure water cleaners. For pressure cleaners ensure you use cold or warm water and average pressure. Rinse after with fresh water and leave to dry.

Do not use abrasive sponges, discs, or brushes.

Do not use corrosive detergents, descaling agents, or acidic components (bleach, ammonia, vinegar, abrasive pastes).

For cleaning marks or solidified substances from the surface use slightly abrasive sponges for non-stick ceramic pans, accurately and lightly treat the parts to be cleaned as above. Please check with Botton + Gardiner for advice relating to cleaning special circumstances (i.e. stains from paint, acid, etc.) as required.

For surfaces prone to additional wear like that used for street furniture, regular treatment is recommended (at least every 2 years) with products containing high wax content. Evenly apply the product with a soft cloth and polish with a circular motion.

Avoid the products from being placed on surfaces subject to infiltrations or stagnant water puddles.

Additional Comments

Wide variety of ways modules can be placed together allows for customisation of the configuration.

The bench ends of the Treeline are both slightly angled and more elliptical than circular. This results in modular pieces needing to match directionally to fit together. See downloads tab for more information for end directions on each piece especially outlining direction in relation to the backrest locations for seats.

Upon request, if the product allows it, it is possible to perform polishing operations.

The finished products are treated with a revitalising varnish and, if requested, anti-graffiti treatment can be applied.