Bicentennial Park

Fiona Robbe Landscape Architects & Clouston Associates
Co-Ordinated Landscapes

Improving livability + social connection

Bicentennial Park, in Sydney Olympic Park, features a new playground and off leash area for dogs, which caters to the 26,000 people who live, work and visit the park each day. It sets a benchmark for density done well where outdoor public spaces such as these improves the livability and social connection for local residents, workers and students.

Designing for the elements

One of the highlights of the Bicentennial Park project is the focus on comfort for all users in all seasons.

Botton + Gardiner worked closely with Fiona Robbe Landscape Architects and Clouston Associates to create group seating areas using the Urban curved seating. These were installed under large scale umbrellas for shade and feature silver grey tones for greater thermal comfort.

Accessible play space

The playground design is based on the principles of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment “Everyone Can Play’ guidelines.

Importantly, this means an accessible layout and play equipment for children with disabilities. Varied configurations of Urban curved benches and classic seats provide plenty of room for wheelchairs to move around without obstruction and the curved edges allow for ease of navigation.

Organic forms

Complementing the organic layout, the Urban curved benches in arc and circular formations follow the curves of the floor design and perimeter sandstone wall, while also wrapping around the umbrella posts.

In contrast, the Urban classic seats provide another seating alternative for a solitary or smaller group setting. Finishes, such as Duraslatin Silver Gum and polished cast aluminum framing were selected for their aesthetics, durability, low maintenance and eco-credentials.

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