Mapleton Public School


Elevating the educational experience

In response to the needs of its community, Mapleton Public Elementary School, otherwise known as the Valley View Innovation School, was designed, and built with the idea of elevating the educational experience for both its students and teachers.

Engaging common spaces

Located in Denver, Colorado, the school provides engaging indoor and outdoor learning environments. As part of the design, an outdoor courtyard café space and several common areas were created for studying, socializing, and fostering connections.

Modular elements

To enhance these spaces, the unique Sorrento collection, designed by Botton + Gardiner, is featured. Its modular elements with contrasting finishes and folded forms are configured in multiple ways to create intimate gathering areas. Accessibility has also been considered with specific wheelchair zones created around the table and stool settings for users to access without obstruction.

Standing the test of time

Duraslat™ Outback battens and custom Iron Glimmer powder-coated framing complement the aesthetics of the school building while providing the durability to stand the test of time

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