St Leonards Park

Co-Ordinated Landscapes

Enhancing the park landscape for the community

As part of a broad master plan, St Leonards Park, in North Sydney, underwent a revamp to improve and enhance the park landscape and recreational activities for a range of park users and provide additional facilities to meet community needs. The project also included improving circulation and access for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles to ensure ease of use and safety.

At the heart of the community

As one of Sydney’s oldest parks, St Leonards Park is much-loved by locals. We were very proud to be part of the recent Master Plan and Upgrade of the 15-hectare urban park, working closely with Gallagher Studio and North Sydney Council to provide outdoor tables and seating that create inviting spaces for people of all ages to play, relax and socialise.

Connection to people + place

Acknowledging the important role public parks play in being vital spaces for human connection, health and wellbeing, the recent upgrade of the historic St Leonards Park aimed to improve and enhance the park landscape by offering more facilities and recreational activities to meet these needs. As part of this, picnic areas were created throughout the park, featuring our Urban picnic settings in beautiful Aussie Spotted Gum hardwood, which are accessible and inviting to all.

Keeping with tradition

St Leonards Park in Sydney is rich in history and heritage, being a rare example of a largely intact Victorian era park. The recent North Sydney Council upgrade to the park needed to ensure it was sensitive to this heritage to maintain the park’s unique features. Our Urban classic tables and benches, with their timeless, curved cast aluminium framing, were selected for this reason. With a custom powder-coat finish for outstanding durability and abrasion resistance, these settings will ensure this beautiful park stands the test of time for present and future generations to enjoy.

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