Highly durable bike rack for public spaces. Simple trapezoidal steel frame design in 2 heights and a galvanised or 316 stainless steel satin finish.

Botton + Gardiner

Product Specifications


Highly durable, the Prospect bike rack features a simple design using a trapezoidal shape that looks great in repetition making it perfect for lining them up in a row for very handy bike storage. Complementing the Prospect collection, the bike rack is available in a galvanised or 316 stainless steel satin finish and 2 heights to accommodate adult and child bike storage in a wide array of projects.

Made In Australia

Large | Adult Bikes
1080mmW x 415mmD x 845mmH

Small | Child Bikes
710mmW x 290mmD x 450mmH


Hot-dip galvanised steel or 316 stainless steel, satin finish


Recycled Materials
We locally source our steel. It means we know it uses recycled content and is 100% recyclable.


5-year warranty. View the warranty for more details.

Lead Time

2-4 weeks.

Assembly & Delivery

Shipped fully assembled on pallets.

Fixing Detail

Fixed by others - surface fixed or core-holed. Anchors not included.

How to Specify

Select your size
Select your finish
Select your fixing type

Care Instructions

Stainless Steel
Wash the surface regularly using warm water containing soap or mild detergents and rinse the surface with fresh water after cleaning. 

When polishing the surface with a soft dry cloth to ensure all moisture is removed, follow the direction of the grain finish.

Use a brush or soft damp cloth to remove loose deposits. Use a cream cleanser and soft cloth for difficult deposits.

Use “Star Brite Rust Stain Remover” to remove tea staining and “Star Brite Chrome & Stainless Steel Polish” to protect the surface after cleaning.

Never use cleaners containing harsh abrasives or high bleach contents. Prolonged contact with chlorine-based cleaners will cause surface pitting, which cannot be repaired.

Never use abrasive materials such as scouring pads, steel wool or metallic scrapers.

For stubborn stains or where "deep cleaning" is required, a mild abrasive cleaner or rust remover may be required.

Hot-Dip Galvanised Steel
For general cleaning of bulk contaminants such as dirt and the like, ordinary laundry soaps can be satisfactorily used. 

For more stubborn or larger areas, the use of a low-pressure wash (eg. a gurney gun) with just pure water or in conjunction with proprietary cleaning materials, such as car wash or truck wash, can be effective. It is important that the steel be washed down with fresh water after cleaning.

The cleaning treatment of the galvanising should be conservative at first and then if the situation demands, the treatment can become steadily more aggressive. Also, wherever some form of mechanical abrasion or “scrubbing” is required, the use of a hard, plastic bristle brush is recommended. Steel bristle brushes are not to be used since they will cause discolouration.

Mechanical methods of cleaning zinc surfaces can cause aesthetic issues. The “cleaned” areas are likely to contrast with adjacent untreated surfaces and may take a significant period of time to weather to a uniform colour. If aesthetics is a large concern, it is advisable to first test the cleaning method in an inconspicuous area in case the aesthetic effect is unappealing.