Modular indoor seating with contrasting finishes and folded forms. Hardwood battens, optional cushion, and aluminium frame in 27 powder-coat finishes.

Botton + Gardiner

Product Specifications


Inspired by the Italian love of modern design, the Sorrento back-to-back seat is ideal for a variety of indoor spaces. The contrasting finishes, folded forms, and modular back-to-back seat design combine to create public spaces that draw the eye and challenge the status quo. A striking asymmetrical cut-out design on the backrest is visible from all directions adding to the unique visual aesthetics of the back-to-back seat. Finishes include hardwood battens, an optional fixed cushion and an aluminium frame in 27 powder-coat finishes.

Made In Australia

2400mmW x 1230mmD x 745mmH
Seat height: 445mm + optional fixed cushion: 40mm

Batten Type

Lacquered Victorian Ash

Duraslat™ XG
Ravine, Cave, Alcove, Boulder, Dune


Powder-coated aluminium with backrest that features the Windows perforation pattern on both sides.

Powder Coat

White (satin), Black (satin), Charcoal (satin), Palladium Silver (satin), Matt Black (matt), Pearl White (gloss)

Coffee (satin), Cove (satin), Monument (matt), Medium Bronze Kinetic (flat)

Core Ten (textured metallic), Asteroid (textured metallic), Bass (textured metallic), Textura Black (textured), Textura Monument (textured), Textura White (textured)

Deep Ocean (satin), Wedgewood (satin), Mangrove (satin), Territory Red (matt), Claypot (satin), Paperbark (satin)

Bondi Blue (gloss), Leaf (satin), Sensation (gloss), Lobster (satin), Moonlight (satin)

Fabric Amount Required

Fabric required: 3.2m based on one plain fabric, 137cm wide.


Certified Hardwood
All hardwood is sourced from sustainable forests certified by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), the world’s largest forestry certification system.

Recycled Materials
We locally source our aluminium. It means we know it uses recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

Duraslat™ XG is made from 90% of recycled hardwood fibres and reclaimed plastic materials, which reduces demand for virgin materials. 

Low Pollutants
Our powder-coating process doesn’t emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and has Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).


5-year warranty, 2-year warranty with upholstered fixed cushion. View the warranty for more details.

Lead Time

6-8 weeks

Assembly & Delivery

Shipped fully assembled on pallets.

Fixing Detail

Loose or surface fixed by others. Anchors not included.

How to Specify

Select your batten finish
Select your backrest finish
Select your frame colour
Select your optional upholstery fabric for fixed cushion

Care Instructions

Baresque Upholstery Fabrics
Use a cloth with any of the following in preferred order of use:
1. Clear warm water
2. Mild solution of liquid detergent and warm water
3. Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

Remove any detergent with a clean, damp cloth. Gently pat dry.

For more difficult stains, dampen a soft white cloth with a solution of household bleach (mix 10% bleach with 90% water). Rub gently. Rinse with a water dampened cloth to remove bleach concentration.

Do not use solvent based or concentrated abrasive cleaning agents, lacquer thinners or nail polish remover as these may cause discolouration over a period of time.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first. 

Multipurpose Compact Laminates | Laminex®
A damp cloth will remove spills and greasy spots. Rub with a clean dry cloth to bring back brightness. Occasionally clean with mild dishwashing detergent. To remove heavy build-up of dirt use cleaners such as Mr Muscle, Windex, or Ajax Spray n Wipe spray cleaners. 

Do not use strong acidic, alkaline cleaners or bleach for normal cleaning as these might etch the surface.

Solid Surfaces | Corian®
Generally, when caring for Corian always start with a simple clean eg. using a damp sponge or cloth.  Avoid using abrasive scouring pads for routine cleaning. Rinse clean.

For a deep clean of stubborn stains, a more thorough clean and refresh using a mild abrasive cleanser is recommended like Gumption, JIF Cream Cleanser or Ajax cream or powder cleanser. Firmly wipe with a damp cloth using a wide circular motion. Always finish by rinsing and wiping your surface with a damp cloth or sponge.

Powder-Coat Finishes
Carefully remove any loose surface deposits with a wet sponge or soft bristled brush.

Use a soft (non-abrasive) cloth or brush and a diluted solution of mild detergent and warm water.

Ensure surfaces are thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water after cleaning to remove all residues.

Never use thinners, abrasive cleaning agents, alcohol-based, acid or alkali cleaning agents.

Additional Comments

Optional fixed upholstered half cushion. Select a fabric from Baresque, specify a fabric or supply your own.

Fabric required: 3.2m based on one plain fabric, 137cm wide.

The Sorrento backrest is perforated both sides so the feature cut-outs are visible from all directions. To ensure easy cleaning, there is an open space below the backrest allowing debris pushed into the cut-outs to fall to the ground and be swept up. This is a nifty feature for shopping centres where bored patrons might be tempted to push wrappers into the gaps.