Capricorn Village Foreshore

Horizon West

Connecting a coastal community

The multi-award winning Capricorn Beach Foreshore redevelopment along the pristine Yanchep coastline in Western Australia is a site to behold. With the creation of green corridors and pathways that lead from the coast to the streets, a variety of open public spaces connect the community with the great outdoors.

Green corridors

As part of the development to connect the community with open public spaces, the design and planning involved improving beach accessibility, an extension of roads and footpaths, and the development of new parklands and picnic areas.

Designed and planned by EPCAD, the landscaped parklands feature undulating pathways leading from the sea to the streets that are enhanced by a new eco-friendly park with open grassed spaces while also protecting the area's natural ecology and biodiversity within the sand dunes.

Unique spaces

Through the creation of new parklands and landscaped areas, a unique beachfront community hub has been created that offers improved recreational activities, accessibility, culture and lifestyle.

To further enhance these areas, a variety of materials have been used to demarcate different zones of activity as well as provide visual interest within the environment.

Biomorphic forms

Complementing the coastal design theme and free-flowing pathways, Moonstone, designed by Pamio Design for Metalco and supplied by Botton + Gardiner, sits within the environment as a statement piece. Organic in shape, Moonstone is a pebble-like, monolithic form. Made from precast concrete with white granite aggregate, a sandblasted finish and an anti-graffiti treatment, the structure is able to withstand the harsh outdoor elements while being low-maintenance within the public realm.

The enlarged scale adds an element of fun and a sense of play, encouraging children to clamber over it, lounge across or perch on it. Wrapping around the irregular form is a semi-circular outer bench in Akoume hardwood that provides an extra layer of seating for those of all generations to sit on in a more orderly way to watch the world go by or admire the sea view in the distance.

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