Free-form monolithic seating. Organic-shaped, pebble-like form. Precast concrete with stone aggregate and semi-circular hardwood bench option.

Pamio Design

Product Specifications


Featuring a pebble-like, monolithic concrete form, Moonstone, designed by Pamio Design, is ideal for students to clamber over, lounge across, or perch on to eat. The enlarged scale adds an element of fun and plays with the imagination, perfect for a learning environment, whilst the softened curved form ensures there are no pointed corners for children to run into. In contrast to the precast concrete shape that features a granite or marble aggregate, an optional semi-circular outer bench in hardwood can be added to provide an extra layer of seating.

Made In Europe

Moonstone without hardwood bench
2240mmW x 2140mmD x 740mmH

Moonstone with hardwood bench
2600mmW x 2500mmD x 740mmH
Bench height: 470mm
Bench depth: 360mm


Moonstone without bench: 4200kg

Moonstone with bench: 4260kg

Batten Type

Varnished Okoume


Precast concrete with granite aggregate
4 options: White Granite, Grey Granite, White Marble, Black Marble

Body Finish
Sandblasted or polished (optional)

Clear anti-graffiti coating (to the concrete plane)

Optional Hardwood Bench
Varnished Okoume


5-year warranty. View the warranty for more details.

Lead Time

12+ weeks.

Assembly & Delivery

Bench supplied separately, fixed to body by others. Hardware included.

Item delivered via an open top container, access required for vehicle and container on site. Crane or special lifting equipment required on site to unload item on delivery not supplied by Botton + Gardiner. Please note the significant weight of this item.

Fixing Detail

Sub-surface fixed by others. Rope kit for lifting via ferrules and eyebolts included.

How to Specify

Check your project can accommodate the weight, minimum order qty and special delivery requirements of this item
Select your finish
Add the optional bench

Care Instructions

Precast Concrete
Remove any loose surface deposits with a brush.

Regularly wash the coating using a solution of warm water and non-abrasive, pH neutral detergent solution (with low wax content).

Thoroughly rinse the surfaces after cleaning to remove all residues. You can use a sponge, a soft bristle brush or pressure water cleaners. For pressure cleaners ensure you use cold or warm water and average pressure. Rinse after with fresh water and leave to dry.

Do not use abrasive sponges, discs, or brushes.

Do not use corrosive detergents, descaling agents, or acidic components (bleach, ammonia, vinegar, abrasive pastes).

For cleaning marks or solidified substances from the surface use slightly abrasive sponges for non-stick ceramic pans, accurately and lightly treat the parts to be cleaned as above. Please check with Botton + Gardiner for advice relating to cleaning special circumstances (i.e. stains from paint, acid, etc.) as required.

For surfaces prone to additional wear like that used for street furniture, regular treatment is recommended (at least every 2 years) with products containing high wax content. Evenly apply the product with a soft cloth and polish with a circular motion.

Avoid the products from being placed on surfaces subject to infiltrations or stagnant water puddles.

Metalco selects exotic wood that best suits the product and/or the project according to availability. Species may include: Angelim Amargoso, Iroko, Movingui, and Ipe. Wood is always supplied sealed with a pigmented vegetable oil.

Remove any loose surface deposits with a soft bristled brush. Wipe down regularly with fresh water and a non-abrasive cloth.

Avoid exposure to high levels of direct heat sources and open flame, i.e. if a pot is too hot to hold it may damage your timber surface and keep away from open flame.

Lightly sand rough areas of timber, brush on one coat of Sikkens Cetol HLS or similar external grade oil in an appropriate colour. Complete the above initially within 3 months, then every 6 months or as required. Areas with high amounts of dust (like building sites) will require a higher frequency of maintenance.

Minor abrasion or scuff repairs: Apply Mirotone Wax or similar as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

Additional Comments

This item can be ordered in a polished finish on request (additional cost applies).

The finished products are treated with a revitalising varnish and, if requested, anti-graffiti treatment can be applied.

Minimum order quantity: 2 pcs
20ft container fits 2 pcs
40ft container fits 5 pcs