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Thoughtfully designed outdoor furniture can transform any outdoor space into an extension of the learning environment. This shift beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom setting offers a multitude of advantages that enrich the educational journey for students of all ages. 

+ creativity and collaboration

Outdoor learning spaces in school and university settings can cultivate an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration. When arranged in informal clusters, or assembled in formations that curve and face inwards, outdoor furniture can accommodate both group learning sessions as well as casual gatherings where dynamic interactions among participants is encouraged. 

The type of outdoor seating chosen can also influence the learning experience. Seating without backrests promotes multi-directional engagement, whereas options with backrests provide focused, uni-directional seating. This adaptable setup fosters collaboration and idea exchange across various environments.

The distinctive and adaptable design of Contour’s Carousel Hexagon encourages collaborative, face-to-face interactions. When multiple settings are formed together, they can accommodate various group sizes and dynamics in a spatially efficient way. In contrast, the All-in-one Study is a more intimate setting designed for more focused learning and interactions. Its ergonomic design, including backrest and functional desking space, provides increased comfort for extended study sessions.

+ connection to nature

An important feature of outdoor learning spaces is the use of eco outdoor furniture and natural materials such as hardwoods. When designed in organic forms, they help to connect students to the natural world, fostering a deeper understanding of the environment and its importance.

The simple change in scenery with more time in nature can also spark creativity and encourages active participation with students enjoying a more dynamic learning experience compared to a static classroom setting.

Ultimately the opportunity for education furniture in the outdoors lies in creating a flexible and inviting space that encourages participation and imagination. 

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