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Established in Italy in 1984, Metalco is synonymous with style, and continues to be an expression of and give a tangible form to the creative process. Now internationally renown, Metalco was started by two young entrepreneurs with a small production of urban products characterized by innovative design and bold colours.

Continuous R&D in design, materials and production techniques, alongside prestigious collaborations with international architects and designers, has cemented Metalco’s international reputation for market leading urban furniture.  As the Australian distributor for Metalco, Botton + Gardiner has access to their full range and imports specified products for local projects.

Design Ethos

  • Unique and innovative streetscape products created using the latest in production techniques
  • A clearly identifiable, cutting edge visual style gives any project a designer aesthetic with easy to order, ready-to-install furniture
  • Metalco believes luxury is made of colors, beauty, distinctiveness, and prosperity, and making every citizen and visitor feel at home
  • Metalco is focused on the sustainability of it’s production facilities, materials and end of life practises
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